Become a member

You won’t owe us a deposit or any commission. You only have to purchase shares in our housing cooperative. One share currently costs 35 euros and each member must purchase at least ten.

A member of our housing cooperative who has or will be given a place to live, must also purchase further compulsory shares. The number of compulsory shares is based on the square metres of floor space that can be actually used as stated in the rental contract.

A membership fee of 60 euros must be paid when members join. 

Example for an apartment with 60 square meters:

admission fee 60,00 EUR
10 shares 350,00 EUR
Further compulsory shares according to the apartment size 60 m² à 35,00 EUR  2.100,00 EUR
Total shares 2.450,00 EUR


Membership application

Due to the large number of applications for membership only a limited number of members can be accepted. The board decides on admission as a member of our cooperative.

If you are interested in a membership we ask for the submission of the membership application.

Please send use the documents by post or email.

The following documents must be attached:

  • identity card / passport
  • application form

Main office

Wackenbergstraße 92
13156 Berlin

Telephone 030-755 44 97 -0
Fax 030-755 44 97 -19

How to find us

Personal conversations only by appointment.